Kronophone - Zorzanello

The Kronophone, invented word from the Greek “Kronos” (Time) and “Phoné” (sound, voice), namely “Sound of Time,” is a sound installation, interactive and permanent, conceived by the composer and sound designer Stefano Zorzanello, with the collaboration of Nicholas Zonca (Studio Arkì, Bologna) and the composer Albert Mayr. It is aimed at creating a sound environment and a “marking time” to accompany the visitor throughout his visit. The installation is composed by a system of fifteen speakers scattered all over the display area, by a system of sensors and a central computer. The system “Kronophone” includes four levels of sound production and organization of silence, simultaneous and independent, whose simultaneity and articulation are designed to stimulate the attention and acoustic curiosity of the visitor, while providing an immersive experience that combines interest, comfort and aesthetic enjoyment. On approaching the museum collections, the system activates some audio clips that relate directly to the displayed works and to the architectural space of the museum, while the “modular musical compositions”, which are inspired from the imagination of science and technology, are randomly reshuffled and alternating with silences of varying duration.