The Structure

A space where the visitor is the protagonist and not just a viewer: our science center is an interactive meeting point where games and experiments stimulate the eye and the curiosity on the infinite issues concerning nature and technology. Science City offers a variety of ideas and opportunities: inside its structure a space for conferences, seminars and debates is provided; meanwhile exhibitions on science and technology and monographs of social interest are offered; the visitor can also enjoy shows, theatre, cinema, concerts, or simply drink a coffee or buy a good book. Thus this dynamic and didactic expression presents a challenge to the static traditional museum, offering new models of knowledge based on a comparison between science and society through patterns that are focused on interactive techniques, such as digital videos, graphics, multimedia, 3D animations, virtual reality and computer simulations combined with IT applications. The development of an interdisciplinary approach regulates the choice of various subjects, which are updated periodically: the discovery of the basic principles of scientific disciplines – from the universal language of mathematics to the physics applied to natural phenomena, from chemical to biological evolution, going deep into the world of IT and robotics – telling the lives of scholars and researchers, proposing innovative ideas, giving a relevant perspective on history, discussing literature and science, focusing on the complex connections among the various fields of human knowledge and culture. Learning is an exciting adventure, which is also fundamental for everybody’s growth.