Observatorium - Paolo Parisi

The Observatorium is an installation created with layers of cardboard sheets that form a perfect cube from the outside, but consumed inside in a way to realize fissures that turn into telescopes and filters with which to observe the outside. “The installation accommodates a single spectator, but does not leave him isolated from the world,” explains the creator Paolo Parisi. “In this way we are forced to dialogue with the external world through light and holes or, as in the artwork at the Lenbachhaus in Munich [Observatorium (Valle del Bove), 2006], through sound. There, some hydraulic tubes in colored PVC connect numerous rooms through holes in the walls, in which sound or the voices of other spectators flowed. Sound, in this sense, is that mix of rational and instinctual we mentioned before, like the scientific recording of the underground movement of Mount Etna (the horizon of my childhood) that becomes, however, vibration and physical experience”.